About Us

We teach and practice with the clear principles and values that probably drew you to integrative health. AT MUIH, you’ll also experience aspects of the healing that are intentionally very unique.

We believe:

  • Health outcomes are achieved when we understand and use the best of contemporary science as well as traditional, nature-based wisdom.
  • In using the least invasive approach possible to achieve improvement.
  • That the patient/client is at the center of every healing experience.
  • That the relationship between patient/client and practitioner is sacred and critical for healing.
  • That the body is wise and knows how to heal if given the opportunity and, optimal environment, and supportive treatment and tools for change.
  • Symptoms can be our teachers and can help us to take action toward positive change.
  • The mind, body and spirit are one and that healing is possible on all levels.

Models of Care

Team Care: University Teaching Clinic

Because we are a teaching clinic within a university, our services are highly affordable and offer the best of integrative health care – a thoughtful, planned approach that bridges contemporary science with traditional wisdom. With our team care model, you receive highly effective and compassionate health services from MUIH graduate student interns under the supervision of faculty supervisors who are experienced and licensed or certified professionals.