The Nutrition Student Teaching Clinic currently offers both in-person and online nutrition consultations. Students are conducting supervised clinical sessions. For telehealth, students are using the Zoom for Healthcare, a secure platform that meets industry standards for privacy in health-related communication. Appointments take place twice per month and can be scheduled for prospective telehealth clients living in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, Hawaii and Arizona. By using smartphones or computers from the comfort of their homes, clients can expect the same level of care that they would receive during an in- person session in our Natural Care Center.

Integrative nutritionists use science-based diet and nutrition therapies to support your personal health and well-being. They recognize that individualized nutrition is essential to health and their integrative approach is not limited to one dietary theory. Their support may include the use of conventional and non-conventional dietary philosophies rooted in traditional practice and scientific evidence.

Food can be powerful medicine, affecting your overall health and vitality as well as every function of your body. In fact, what you eat and drink literally becomes the very substance of your body. Whole foods, eaten and prepared properly, can effect profound changes in mind, body, and spirit.

First Visit

Initial session: 90-120 minutes

Your practitioner will gather information about your health and personal history, review your dietary preferences and health concerns, and assess your nutritional status. Together with your nutritionist, you will craft a personalized nutrition plan to start you on your path to greater health and vitality.

Follow Up Visit

Follow-up sessions: 60-120 minutes

Follow-up visits will support and guide you towards optimal nutrition and help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


Nutrition Consulting Services

Minutes University Teaching Clinic Professional Care Practice
New Patient Intake 90-120 $70 $150
Returning Patient 60-120 $50 $90

Did you know?

  • Nutritionists develop personalized nutrition care plans to improve health and wellbeing through individualized food and lifestyle interventions. 
  • Increased ease with meal planning and food preparation is a common benefit after consistently seeing a nutritionist
  • After seeing a nutritionist, clients tend to report feeling empowered to care of their own health, using food as medicine.
  • Mindfulness about hunger and satiety becomes a daily change when working with a nutritionist.
  • Clients become empowered to better be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle, even after appointments have completed

Building the whole mind, body and spirit to support health.