We believe that the patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process. That they collaborate to create individualized treatment programs based on the specific health needs of the patient. We respect each person as a unique individual and value the important relationship between mind, body, spirit and community in health and healing. Our physicians and practitioners educate patients, empowering them to make wiser life and health choices.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

For your initial comprehensive patient visit, please allow 90 minutes for a complete assessment of your health and history. Be sure to read the New Patient Page thoroughly, for any supplements, medications and tests that you may need to bring.

What You Should Bring with You

Before your visit, an email will be sent from the clinic to view a private patient portal for uploading documents and submitting any new client intake forms. Time permitting, please submit any relevant forms and paperwork before coming to your first consult. If you take supplements, please bring them or a list of the ingredients. If you have had any relevant tests done, such as blood tests, imaging such as MRIs or X-rays, arrange to bring copies of the reports with you. If you do not have copies, request your doctor’s office fax them to us. Please note, some offices may require your written authorization.

Please feel free to call us and confirm that we have received your tests a few days before your visit.

Cancellation Policy

When you need to cancel an appointment, we would appreciate your consideration for our providers’ time that has been set aside for you, and for the time set aside to review your medical history.

If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the initial appointment, you are subject to a cancellation fee.