Massage Therapy


Therapeutic or medical massage employs a variety of modalities in order to address underlying conditions, injuries, pain, or stress. Techniques such as lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, deep tissue, and other focused treatments are used to achieve specific goals set by the patient and massage therapist. In many cases, the massage therapist works hand-in-hand with other healthcare providers to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the patient. Medical massage also helps to prevent future chronic pain conditions by effectively dealing with the cause of the problem and managing its symptoms.

Massage therapists review relevant information and formulate massage sessions that target to your specific needs. Therapeutic massage means more than relaxation. The work is focused on measurable physical healing.

Monthly Massage Membership

The Natural Care Center is pleased to announce our new Monthly Massage Membership Program.

Membership Perks Include:

  • You can schedule one 60-minute therapeutic massage or two 30-minute massages per month
  • Payments are auto-billed to your credit card, so check out is easy and fast
  • No additional gratuity fee for therapeutic massage sessions

How It Works:

  • Request the Monthly Massage Membership Agreement from the NCC
  • Fill out the Membership form, provide billing information, sign form and return to the NCC*
  • Your monthly membership fee of $79.00 will be automatically billed to your credit card (New patients will be charged $90 for first visit)
  • Schedule your appointment, and relax in knowing you are taking steps toward better health!

*Some restrictions apply.


Massage Therapy Services

Minutes Professional Care Practice
New Patient Intake 30 $135
Returning Patient 90
Monthly Massage Membership $79

Did you know?

  • Massage is very much a restorative experience for the human body. Just 60 minutes of massage is equal to about a full night’s worth of sleep.
  • Many people avoid massage therapists because they don’t like the idea of removing their clothes. You don’t actually have to take any clothes off in order to experience the benefits of massage. You can be fully clothed and receive the same benefits.
  • We might have only recently incorporated massage therapy as a medical science, but people have been using it for thousands of years with success. Heiroglyphics from ancient Egypt appear to show that the culture used massage therapy to help people feel better. 
  • The body has over 640 different muscles in the human body, all potentially having their own aches and pains to work out

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