naturalcare and natural care

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture has been found to be an effective treatment for the maintenance and the promotion of a good health report: staying well longer and recovering from illness more quickly.
naturalcare and natural care

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbalists focus on supporting and maintaining health rather than fighting disease by supporting the body as it finds its healing path.


Integrative nutritionists use science-based diet and nutrition therapies to support your personal health and well-being.

Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga therapists use the tools and practices of yoga to empower clients toward improved health and well-being through the use of postures, breathing practices, meditation, and lifestyle. 

Welcome New Patients!

Take some time to learn about our history, familiarize yourself with our website, meet our director, healthcare providers and staff. You will find the services we offer and how they may bring comfort into your life. Integrative health is a combination of alternative treatments with modern treatments, blending those principles, and making healing more effective. Each patient is unique, and it is our goal to guide each patient to their optimal state of health.

Building the whole mind, body and spirit to support health.